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Welcome to the new and improved home of our world famous sex games for couples. Here you’ll find information, downloads and ordering details for sexy games you can play together as a couple. These games are designed to be used on computer systems running Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista. You can also find games that will operate on your iPad or Android device! Yes, we’ve thought of everything! Want to play this game right now with your girlfriend or wife? Want to see what your deepest, darkest and naughtiest sexy fantasies will reveal? Try any of our games below!

Downloadable Demonstrations – Cutting Right to the Chase!

iBlush Sexy Game for Couples and Hot Parties

Sexy Party Sexy Game for Couples and Hot Parties

Sexual Pursuits (the original and best) Sexy Game for Couples

Secret Desires Sexy Game for Couples

Romantic Dares Easy Setup Sexy Game for Couples

Romantic Pursuits Milder Version of Sexual Pursuits

All our code is signed by Comodo and is virus and malware free. Note that Microsoft Windows Smart Screen may throw up and error as our software reputation is built. This is because we have to renew the code signing certificate every November and the games are treated as brand new by the Microsoft reputation system. This is a complete pain in the arse but there isn’t anything we can do about it. Provided you download the games from our websites (, and you can be sure that the installs are safe and sound. The increasing prejudice against small software companies like ourselves is what drives us out of business. I thank you personally for your support if you decide to try our products.

If you have any doubts whatsoever about the safety of our software, please scan your PC with AVG, Avast, Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky or Malwarebytes. Please report any false positives to

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Rebecca Martine, Customer Services.

iBlush – the Sexiest Sex Game for Couples, Threesomes, Parties and Wild Wild Nights

Our most versatile game. Ideal for couples, or for sexy friends who want to play together. You can choose exactly who you will interact with and the game tracks this carefully. Our latest release and fully Windows 10 compatible. Special half price offer now running!


Sexy Party 10 – A PC Based Board Game for Lovers and Swingers

Updated yet again and sexier than  ever! Sexy Party 10 is a hot game for 2 to 8 players. Its designed for Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista. Still works well on Windows XP too! Just click the image below to get this game at its special discounted price. There’s no need to enter a discount code. The discount is applied automatically. Just try it and see!


iPad or Android Games for Couples


Sexual Pursuits Mobile Edition is the handheld version of our hugely popular Sexual Pursuits game for couples. It can be played in the palm of you hand – wherever you are. Hotels, movies, concerts, in the park – wherever you can get the ghost of an internet connection. That’s all you need to play this hot, handheld heavenly game. Guaranteed to bring you and your lover closer together. Now on version 6 and getting naughtier every time. If you would like to play this game right now please use this link, or click the image above!

Secret Desires Game for Couples

Secret Desires was the penultimate game that we produced. Right after this we put together Sexual Pursuits, Mobile Edition. This last game has turned out to be one of our most popular games. You’ll find at the top of the page to learn more about our games. Want to get this game at a discount today? Click the image above, or this link.

Romantic Dares – A Twisteresque Sexy Adventure for Quickies

Simple, sexy, brilliant. That was the planning behind Romantic Dares. Games can last five minutes or five hours – its up to you.

Special half price offer now running! Click the image below to buy now!


Sexual Pursuits Original Game for Lovers

The game that made us famous. Amazing and sexy and just awesome. The latest version of this hot game for couples improves the look and feel for the game when running Windows 8 under different screen resolutions.  We also improved the gallery pictures and made a few changes to the game logic. Some more activities were added to the database – there are now over 7000 unique and naughty things to try!


We’re offering the game at half price now as part of a long, hot promotion. Click the image above or the link below to own this super hot sex game today!

Buy Sexual Pursuits Deluxe Edition Now

iBlush Sex Game for Couples and Swinging Parties

iBlush is the latest sex game for couples by the makers of Sexual Pursuits, Sexy Party, Romantic Dares and Secret Desires. Its designed for loving couples to enhance their sexual pleasure together, but the game can be played by 2 to 8 players.


iBlush is supremely versatile. You can play as up to 4 separate couples (i.e., interacting only with your own partner) or you can choose to interact with any other player you want to). We designed iBlush to be the answer to every person’s sex game dream!

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Sexual Pursuits, Sexy Party, Romantic Dares and Secret Desires at discounted prices

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