It’s with enormous pride that I start work on this, our latest and final website. As every game we have produced has improved on the predecessor, this website will be the best ever sexy games website you could ever image.

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The Games

We sell naughty game for couples to play  together. We’ve been making our games for a long time and we’ve gotten really, really good at it. Our games include thousands of user-submitted activities and changes. They really are the best sexy games that money can buy.

Sexual Pursuits for Couples

This was the first sex game we ever made. Its still my very own favorite. It has about ten thousand unique activities and is one of the smartest foreplay games for couples that you’ll ever find. Activities are tailored to the current state of the game, including a player’s clothing status and whether or not they have been tied up by their opponent. Yes! That’s right! Sexual Pursuits actually allows players to tie and handcuff each other for some extra saucy bondage fun!

Sexual Pursuits sex game for couples

Sexual Pursuits for Couples

Sexual Pursuits is jam-packed full of features. In fact, you could probably play just this one game on its own and be totally, utterly satisfied with the changes to your sex life. Remember, before we started selling our games we were playing them ourselves. Well, we were playing this one. The others came later, once we realised that we were onto something really good!

The Others

Remember Lost? We were both big fans. But The Others I’m going to talk about now aren’t the strangers who appeared on the island and used to come and go as they pleased. I’m talking about the other games that we make. And the next one – and another favorite – is Sexy Party.

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