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Sexy Party for Couples and Parties

Sexy Party was the second game we designed together. Sexual Pursuits had been created just for us (even though tens of thousands of people have now enjoyed our creation) and we decided that Sexy Party would include all the features that Sexual Pursuits just couldn’t accommodate by design. For example, 2 players can enjoy Sexy Party but 2 couples can enjoy it too. Or 3 couples. Or even 4 couples. Or 8 singles can play together. Straight, gay, bisexual? It doesn’t matter! 8 players can play with each player choosing exactly who they will or will not interact with! we thought of everything…

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Feature Spotlight:

Multi player gameplay

Sexual Pursuits could only be played by 2 players. But Sexy Party can be enjoyed by up to 8 players. But we didn’t stop just there. Sexy Party is smart enough so that up to four couples can play together. Every player can choose who they want to interact with. So four couples can enjoy a Sexy Party without getting into the swinging scene – unless they want to! Every single player chooses exactly who they will and won’t interact with. So if one person wants to hook up with three other people that’s fine too. We really made it that versatile!

Different Game Boards

There are loads of game boards that you can choose from when playing Sexy Party. These range from plain and simple vanilla skins to the very raunchy sexy skins that we both personally enjoy.


Fully Customizable

Sexy Party can be customized so that it plays exactly the way you want it to. Every single player gets to choose the fetishes they like, the players they want to play with (HOT HOT HOT), the clothing they are wearing, the sexy toys they want to play with and MORE MORE MORE.

sexy party 980 setup 650

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